Random Musing

Crazy Weekend

shangri-la.JPGHad a crazy weekend. On Sat, I was sitting happily at the Starbuck in Time Square for my usual coffee, recieved a phone call at 1pm and I was back in Singapore in Shangri-la at 5pm. And now I am back in Starbuck in Time Square at the exact same spot…

Speaking of Shangri-la, I was surprised at the security around the hotel. I was stop four times, twice along the road, once for the taxi before I align and one more before I can enter the hotel. Security wasn’t even so tight in Jakarta!

Apparently, there was some miltary defense conference going on in Shangri-la and Donald Rumsfeld was a speaker among all the miltry bigshot. I swear, this has nothing to do with Cruise Missile Conference… I am not involved in miltary!

I remember it wasn’t that long ago that Americans can go anywhere they want and would be welcome with a smile. Today, they cant seem to go anywhere without army of bodyguards and guns…what happened to all the goodwill?

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