May 31st, 2006

Gmail for your domain


I love Gmail. I love the AJAX interface esp. the key shortcut. Overall, it is much better than my old Qmail+IMAP+SquirralMail setup. However, I still have my own domain ( which I prefer. While sending out emails using my own email address isn’t a problem, I still need my own email server to receive and forward emails to my gmail account. How nice would it be if I could just put my MX to Google…

Thus, when I found out Google is beta’ing Gmail for your domain, I signed up quickly. I am realistic enough to know the chances for my domain to be selected is very low. But surprise surprise :-)


Woohoo! Thank you Google! And wow, now I have 5 MX for my emails :-)

ps: I tried to sign up Windows Live Custom Domains too but they does not accept .sg >.<

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