Random Musing

The Lost Art of Selling

Being on the buyer side of the table for the last three years, I have vendors knocking my door, pitching me with their latest technology or product. Its great being a buyer since the vendors are always polite and nice to you.

So finding myself on the seller side of table today (for a project I am currently working on) was an interesting experience. Or rather, an experience I havent had for a long time. I did a lot of “selling” in IDA but thats selling technology and my audience dont fork out large sum of money to buy anything from me. So the the feeling was very different.

I always believe the Art of Selling (esp. selling yourself) is an important survival skill in today world. So although it has been quite humbling, I am glad I am doing this now again. And there will be more of these in future :-)

Not sure how I performed today however..regardless how successful I think I was, its whether they buy my pitch or not that matters. Keeping my finger cross…

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