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Murder Incorporated

page10rt_small.JPGThis story apparently has been floating on the net since early this year. I just got to know about it recently as a friend forward me an article published in Sept 05 issue of PC Gamer.

At 5am on APril 18, 2005, the CEO of the Ubiqua Seraph corporation (Eve’s equivalent of a guild) emerged through a stargate in the Haras system, accompanied by her most trusted lieutenant. She wouldnt leave alive. CEO Mirial didnt know it, but the contract on her life had been signed more than a year ago. Over the past 12 months, agents of the Guiding Hand Social Club (speciality : assatination to order) had infiltraded every level of Mirial’s powerful organisation.”

Mirial took her most valuble ship out with her lieutenant. The lieutenant worked for the GHSC, and at one moment, they all attacked. Destroying her ship AND her pod, forcing her to loose lots of skill, items and money. Meanwhile the rest of the GHSC attacked other places destroying lots of the corperations ships. They were paid 1 billion ISK to do it, their net gain was 20 billion ISK and they did 30 billion ISK in damges. 30 billion ISK is valued at roughly $16,000 (£8000).

The story sound like science fiction. Even the “press release” from GHSC sound unreal…infilteration, assassination, raiding of spacecraft, 30 billions of ISK…

But the story is real. It happens in a MMORPG game known EVE Online. The gish is there is this very powerful corporation (guild) called “Ubiqua Seraph” in EVE Online and someone placed a contract a year ago tasking GHSC (another guild specialized in assassination) to take the whole corporation down. GHSC carried out the task via infliteration gaining trust within Ubiqua Seraph, and then at a single moment, assassinated the CEO and raided the corporation. A feat performed by a dozen of GHSC operatives but involving several hundreds players.

At the end of the day, GHSC earned 30 billions ISK for their almost one year operation. 30 billions ISK converted to real cash is approximately 16k USD.

Crazy but absolutely real.

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