Random Musing

For La Idler

Just got back from the wake for Sondra aka La Idler. She is one of the editors of Tomorrow and went missing several weeks ago. Many of us was wondering where she went and was very worried. We were just told this morning she pass away…

I don’t really know her well beyond her blog and our work together on Tomorrow. In fact, we quarrel alot. We are like the yin and yang – I am the emotionless one and she is the carebear. But still, we find peace and the differences we have made us better rather then divide us. But all the arguments we had before now seem so meaningless now. I regretted not knowing her better. And I already miss her.

I am sorry to hear what she has to go through the last few weeks. The only comfort is she is now in God’s hand.

Sondra, I’ll pray for you tonight. May you rest in peace. Amem.

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