September 23rd, 2005

Do not what you not wish on yourself


Many people have complaint about the FCC lately. Jeff Pulver during the blogger panel said he rather see FTC incharge instead. This is a big contrast compared to just barely a year ago where Michael Powell was a keynote speaker. In fact, there wasn’t even a town hall session this VON. Where is the love from FCC?

We all know that FCC is a highly political. Given the Republican is in charge, it is not unexpected that FCC would favor big incumbents. The series of decisions made by FCC over the last year has been so.

But I believe what FCC is doing to VoIP industry is going to hurt America business interest in the long run.

FCC policy decisions not only affects United States. It has implications to all who has business interest (whether buying from or selling to) with United States. More importantly, regulators around the world often compare notes and FCC is always one of few regulators look up to. Lobbyists often quote FCC especially when it echo what they are asking for.

At this moment, when everyone around the world is struggling with VoIP regulations, the recent FCC policy decisions on VoIP like 911, emergency calls, lack of interconnection settlement framework, etc etc, is going to tickled down to the rest of the world. Very bad news for all those who is trying create a positive environment for VoIP to flourish.

But how is this going to hurt American interest in the long run? Remember United State is a trading nation – any thing that favors free trade, opening up market (especially other country markets) is good. What FCC is doing right now is going to come back and haunt American companies later when they expand overseas.

And what could be worst? We going to have 3 more years of this. *sigh*

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