NGN in OCED Countries

OECD has released a report on Next Generation Network Development in OCED countries over the weekend (via ITU SPU). This introduction stick out…

Even though there is no universal and precise definition of NGN at this early stage of deployment, NGN could be defined as all-IP or packet-based integrated networks. In a NGN environment, applications and services will be separated from the transport network and all kinds of applications and services such as voice, data and video can be organised into packets and delivered on an integrated IP network.

Damn. They are getting it now. Oh dear, now we (as in we the technologists) now need to go find new technologies to confused them.

Hmm, how about stop thinking of there will be a ‘service provider’ on one end and ‘consumer’ on the other or the network ‘as a platform to deliver XXX service’? For a start, everyone on the network is a ‘application provider’ and ‘service provider’ and ‘consumer’ all at the same time. And that the network is a conduit for communities to be build.

On a related note: ITU-T announced VDSL2 standard which promises 100mbps up/down stream.

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