May 24th, 2005

Interview with ST


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Okay, I can come out clean now that ST has published the article on and also the Blogger Convention.

I was in a dilemna because on one hand, all of us are suppose to reply to the reporter and on the other hand, i really don’t want to appear on the local papers. So I come up with a perfect plan – answers which the reporter would never use :-)So anyway, here is a translation of what I said:

Have the editors fixed on a name for the convention yet? Was it picked from among the 145 comments posted on the site? What’s the point of the convention?

James: return $comment[random(145)];

Translation: We’re going to just pick a random suggestion.

Any more details on when it’s going to be / where / number of bloggers expected?

James: “Error 012a: Buffer overflow in Real Space”

Translation: I think we going to have a space problem with the venue we picked.

Do participants have to pay? Who is paying for the event?

James: while (1) { $money += google_ad($click) };

Translation: Funded by our google advertisment.

Must participants have a blog?

James: if (blogger($you) && !blogger($you)) { return 1 };

Translation: You have to be both a blogger and also a non-blogger to attend. (Yes, it is not a logic error. Just look at the other editors’ reply :-)

Is it a one-day event?

James: for ($day = 1; $day++; $day < 365) { hold_bloggercon($day));

Translation: Nope, everyday is a bloggercon.

Any ideas on what is going to happen during the convention? (Presentations on how to write an interesting blog? How to do podcasts? How to avoid online defamation? Or is it just a fun meeting / D&D type thing?)

James: foreach ($name in list_of_attendees()) { $mica_blacklist[] = $name; }

Translation: Everyone who attend is likely to be blacklisted.

Is this going to be an annual thing?

James: “Error 13b: Unable to parse ‘annual’ without leap-year definitions”

Translation: I dunno.

TOMORROW.SG’s FORMATION + FOUNDERS (I need a bit more info than what was written in the earlier ST story. Hope you can furnish, thanks)

James: if ($day == 1) create(; World of Warcraft. BRB.

Translation: On the First Day, Let there be (Then spend the rest of the week in World of Warcraft)

A better version: for ($day = 1; $day < 7; $day++) { if ($day == 1) create( else World_of_Warcraft(); } What was the process of the site’s formation? (ie. 2 core members who started site, then started calling for other editors??)

James: if (jems==geek) {;} else {;}

Translation: (not written by me but added later by other editors) We have because we have a geek.

Are you close to one another ie. you consider your fellow editors as good friends you would confide in?

James: World of Warcraft. BRB.

Does the content of a person’s blog help you decide if he/shecan be a good friend?

James: if (chiobu($picture)) return 1;

Translation: sure, if she is a pretty girl.

A better version: if (chiobu($blogger)) add_to_friendster($blogger) else ignore($blogger);

btw, Thanks to the last one, I am not having sex for the next 4 weeks. :P

Oh yes, when I sent the translation to the reporter this morning, she replied “Good God!
You thought I was able to “translate” this?

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