May 22nd, 2005

DBS Phishing


There is a DBS phishing spam targeted at Singaporean mailboxes. You probably get something that look like this too:


Do not be fool by it.

Look at the raw email and you will find that it actually comes from, registered to someone called Soria, Luis based in Peru.


Already as early as last year, we were aware the biggest problem of spam isn’t penis enlargement, viagra or even porn spams but rather targetted phishing attacks like this. Estimation of the phishing problem are in the billions in US alone. It is the reason why we still talking about Antispam (I know, most people have given up and have learnt just to delete them). It is also the reason why FBI is attending ICANN.

btw, this isn’t the first phishing attempt in Singapore. There is a smaller and poorly done phishing last year.

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