March 22nd, 2005

End of e-Mail as we know it


via CNet

These results alone should be enough to convince us that we’re approaching the end of e-mail as we know it. The schemes are critical pieces of the technology that should be adopted by any site or company that depends on the reliable delivery of their outbound e-mail or the protection of their brand and domain name. They should also be used by other receivers that wish to be able to prove the identity of mail senders, as well as provide a safer and more reliable way to accept inbound messages beyond traditional mail content filtering.

While I still believe email is dying, I also think it is a bad idea for CEO of Sendmail to say it, don’t you? I mean, you don’t see John Chamber coming out to say “the end of IP as we know it”.

Okay, it is cool he realized it tho – the question is hows is Email 2.0 (if any) going to look like.

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