A Call for Resignation

This was posted to GA (General Assembly) mailing list by Danny Young:

I would like to begin by thanking Thomas Roessler and Esther Dyson for their service on the At-Large Advisory Committee and applaud their decision to resign in order to better pursue other endeavors.  I now call upon the remaining members of the At-Large Advisory Committee to tender their resignations. 

This is a vote of no confidence.  I believe that I speak for the At-Large community when I say that your service is no longer desired.  

The At-Large respects the concept of transparency; you do not.  No minutes of any of your meetings have ever been posted. No MP3 recordings of any of your teleconferences have ever been provided.  No record of any committee vote has ever been published.  At a time when the world expects the entities responsible for the management of the domain name system to be transparent, you have chosen to operate in secret.  It would be honorable for you to resign.

I have several discussion with At-Large committee members, at ICANN meetings, over emails, and also at the recent APRICOT.

I asked them what values they bring to ICANN beside signing up regional organizations which have little to do with ICANN charter, they provide no answer.

I told them that they are heading the wrong direction but none think so.

I offer to help them to use tools to facilitate online discussion, no response.

I have given up trying to change the current committee members. Hence, I fully endorse this letter (Thanks Danny) and call for all the existing At-Large committee members to resign.

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