February 27th, 2005

Japanese kids on death


Saw this disturbing news on Asahi Shimbun: For many kids, death not final – just hit the reset button

A mother who attended Nakamura’s lecture told her children afterward that death was a scary thing and they shouldn’t even consider taking their own lives. Her conversation with her then first-grade son continued as follows:

Son: “Revival, revival, game over when you die.”

Mother: “What does that mean?”

Son: “It means you come back to life when you die.”

Mother: “You mean, you reset the game when you die? What happens when you reset the game?”

Son: “I don’t know. I guess you go somewhere. I know you just start over. You hit the start button.”

Mother: “Where is that button?”

Son: “In the heart. See. Start!”

There are also some statistics on the paper (not online tho):

Can we revive the death:
Grade 1-3: 5.6% yes, 81.9% no, 12.6% not sure
Grade 4-6: 4.9% yes, 77.9% no, 17.2% not sure
Junior: 12.8% yes, 67% no, 20.2% not sure

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