February 25th, 2005

WTF is Popular Telephony?


Andy, I like your blog but sorry, I have no idea whats up with Popular Telephony and its Peerio or GNUP.

Help me out here – what exactly is the “patent-pending invention, Peerioâ„¢, defines the framework and principles for a state-of-the-art, next generation server-free IP telephony system.” (see Peerio) or where is the software agent described as “A lightweight software agent used with any VoIP application (Peerio, Skype, Liphone, SIP or H.323 client software, etc), GNUP allows you, your computer, PDA or other device to be called from any another VoIP, PSTN, mobile or satellite device.” (see GNUP).

Or maybe I am just clueless and perhaps so is David and Richard. But please show us a working product – and not those PRs and diagrams which don’t make sense. Maybe then, maybe we can talk a bit more about it.

Or are these all just a joke?

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