February 12th, 2005

Eat your magazine


New Scientist has an article about a Chef who loaded fruit and vegetable concoction into a printer and loaded edible papers made of soybean and potato starch and then print out images he has downloaded from the web.

And Cantu’s ideas go much further. He plans to cook steak by using a hand-held laser to sear the centre until it is well done while leaving the outside medium rare, or raw. He even envisages using the laser to bake bread – with a crust inside the loaf.

Cantu hopes one day to take his ideas out of the restaurant business and into the media. “Just imagine going through a magazine and looking at an ad for pizza. You wonder what it tastes like, so you rip a page out and eat it,” he says.

Yohoo! That’s when I give up my instant noodles!

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