Definition of Internet Governance

Since WGIG has avoided the topic of “what is Internet Governance”, let me point to a few posting I made regarding this topic on the APDIP IGOVAP mailing list.

My position can be summarise as follows:

1. Internet Governance would cover anything that would related to proper function of Internet (including domain names, IP address) but it does not mean that we have policy for all of them (no policy might be a better policy sometimes).

2. In terms of mechanism, I support developing countries (esp. China) to get more involved but I do not believe in a single centralized (intergovernmental or otherwise) entity. We should continue to bring like-minded people together to solve problems in various groups and forums rather then a high level committee doing hand-waving.

3. In terms of operation, preference should be given to industry self-regulation over centralized/government intervention. Despite any market failure of free market, government intervention often comes at a higher cost, not to mention the Law of Unintended Consequences.

1 Oh yea, very nice to see many of them made it on the list of topics discussed at WGIG.

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