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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Once again, it is the time of the year where all the Chinese around the world celebrate our Lunar new year. It is the time where we all go back to our home town to have ‘reunion dinners’ with families and visiting relatives and friends, many of them probably only this once a year. I have uncles and aunties travel from afar all gathered at my Grandmom place now.

Speaking of which, my wife and baby are back at my Mom place : everyone eager to see the little one. I, on the other hand, is stuck here alone at home and still catching up with work.

Chinese believe how you spend the first day of the new year is a hint how the rest of the year will be like. So, alone and still working, is a pretty bad sign…But regardless, work is work – they don’t postphone deadline for trival thing like Chinese New Year.

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