January 28th, 2005

Arrested for using Lynx


A man in London was arrested for attempting to hack the Tsumani donation. But according to boingboing, here is what happened:

For donating to a Tsunami appeal using Lynx on Solaris 10. BT [British Telecom] who run the donation management system misread an access log and saw hmm thats a non standard browser not identifying it’s type and it’s doing strange things. Trace that IP. Arrest that hacker.

Armed police, a van, a police cell and national news later the police have gone in SWAT styley and arrested someone having their lunch.

Out on bail till next week and preparing to make a lot of very bad PR for BT and the Police….

Now, lets not jump into conclusion yet (It is his words vs the police & BT) but if it is true, it is totally silly!

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