January 3rd, 2005

Second Level .sg available for registration


Yohoo! Finally .sg is open for 2nd level domain name registration :-)

SGNIC announced in August last year that it was opening the second-level ‘.sg’ domain names to create more choices and a vibrant Internet environment in Singapore through the proliferation of such domain names. Second-level ‘.sg’ domain names like xyz.sg are shorter and easier to remember as compared to its third-level counterpart e.g. xyz.com.sg. Registration for second-level domain names is also simpler, is open to both locals and foreigners alike and requires no documentary proof.

This is the result of the hardwork of many people over an year so congz to all those folks involved particularly my colleagues in SGNIC1. Yes, it took so long because it comes with several policy changes including dropping the documentary proof requirements. We couldn’t succeed in reducing the pricing yet tho but hey, S$50 (~US$35) per year arent too bad now for a start.

So go grab your .sg from your favourite registrars. I already got mine seng.sg registered2 so okay, you can stop asking me why I am using .cc.

1 I play a small role in making little recommendations here and there only aka kapo’ing.

2 I use Vooju. It is a company setup by my friends, ex-i-DNS folks so please go give them your support.

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