December 28th, 2004

Safe and Sound


Yep, I am still alive and kicking. Nope, I wasn’t swiped away by the Tsunami. I was in the highland Genting in the Resort Hotel which is designed poorly specifically to keep you outside the room and spend more time in the Casino1. With no CNN and BBC, pardon me when I asked ‘what earthquake?’ to all those who messaging me and asked me if I am alright. But thanks for your concerns.

Anyway, I am now in Kuala Lumpur with proper cable access. I am amazed at the death toll so far (lastest from CNN is 26,000) but I expected this to double easily once they classified those missing people as death over the next few days. Just when we thought we could leave 2004 without any disaster, something like this hit us. *sigh*

1 I didnt even managed step into the Casino so their trick didn’t work. The main reason I am in Genting is because of my younger bro who is working in Genting (assigned to help setup the newest Casino up there) and he really wants to see his little niece.

And the stories he tells me is sound more like out of a television shows :- people carrying 500k cash to exchange for chips, special rooms for people gamblings 20m or more (betting 500k or more each hand) etc. And with many of these regulars are from Singapore so go draw your own conclusion about Singapore latest debate on Casino.

2I have dinner with a group of friends last night and one of them made an interesting observation: the hardest hit would be the travel industry…again. First, there is 9-11, then when it looks like it is coming back, we have Sars…then when it looks like it is all clear, this happen.

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