ICANN again

Khaled Fattal, CEO of MINC gave an presentation of MINC yesterday on MINC. A very nice presentation with a nice story, about involvement of local community, respects of different culture, one that is difficult for people who believe in the bottom-up process to dispute. But he never managed to answer my question what has all of these do with multilingualism at all because he sound like he is talking about general Internet Goverance instead. And I certainly dont remember MINC’s charter covers Internet Goverance issues. Vint cut short our debate but gave a wonderful analogy of cow-cart vs rocketship and asking him to start building his own rocket instead :-) Amadeu Abril i Abril also went up to the mike at the end of the session and make an excellent speech, much better then I could.

Most of today was spend in the UNDP-APDIP Internet Goverance discussion. Since this is kind of the first meeting, most of it are in doing some high-level overview of things. But of interest, most support the effort, requesting to create some framework to raise issues from the AP region to the WSIS. Adam contribution on the issues to be address like spam, interconnection, security, internet crime, etc was a excellent one but unfortunately most of the people around the table arent ready to discuss it yet.

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