You know it is hype…

when a “bluetooth-enabled mobile phone peer-to-peer social network service” (is there any more hype-word you can use?) known as BEDD is launch in your own country (ie. Singapore) carrying their news in Reuters syndicated to ITU (no local newspaper?).

But surprisingly, you have no idea of the service and no one you know knows about the service which claims to be the biggest thing in town. (huh? what do you mean you never hear of it?)

And it certainly doesn’t look good when you work for a telecommunication regulator who is supposed to be aware of all the new stuff in the market. So either it is a pure BS or someone here is not doing their job (luckily I am not incharge of mobile-wireless :-)

Damn, I really wish there is such a service…It would be cool if it is real and not just as a press release.

ps: btw, if you know them, please ask them to contact me. I would be happy to put them in touch with the right people.

[Update: 29th July: Thanks to MrBrown, I got a contact to them now :-) Look forward to meet up with them.]

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