July 10th, 2004

Some news from this little Island


I don’t normally blog news in Singapore because there isn’t a lot of exciting news (and also I seldom read local newspaper anymore). But there are interesting two news in Straits Times today.

First of all, 24 bloggers will be blogging live from National Day Parade (9th Aug) on www.ndp.org.sg. While it is common for high-tech conferences to have a blog on the side, it is pretty cool for NDP committee embracing blogging as a media (together with TV and radio ;-)

Acting as ‘eyes and ears’ at the big birthday bash, they will send text and picture messages through their mobile phones to the parade website www.ndp.org.sg, to keep people in the thick of the action at the National Stadium.

Not only that, anyone can also moblog the National Day Parade *grin*

Mobile phone users, except those using pre-paid cards from M1 and StarHub, will be able to post their own comments on the mobloggers’ sites and chat via SMS with the mobloggers.

The second piece of news is a little advancement of nanatechnology in Singapore. Two researcher in National University of Singapore won an award for a data storage crystal 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

AFTER three years, two researchers here have come up with a data storage device consisting of germanium crystals that are 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

Yeppie! very soon I can have 1Tb of storage embedded on my glasses which my watch (with 100Ghz processing power) can access via UWB. :-)

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