Drupal 4 Bloggers

Drupal 4 Blogger v0.10

Just release Drupal for Bloggers V0.10.

There are several changes with this release: Mainly, this is brought up-to-date with Drupal 4.4.2 so all the bugfixes from 4.4.1 to 4.4.2 is now integrated into D4B.

Captcha is also rewritten as a separate module and can be enabled not only for comments but also user registrations, forums, stories books etc.

D4B v0.10 also provide a tool1 for users who wish to migrate from 4.4.x to D4B. See UPGRADE.txt for more information.

1 Dries send me an email a few days ago expressing his concern about this tool. So let me clarify here before more people sending me emails:

First of all, I am still committed to merge D4B with Drupal. (Altho honestly, I am very close to giving up given the treatment I get from the drupal-devel community on my patches…but that’s another story).

The diff between D4B and Drupal is pretty large (~6000 lines) and at the rate my patches are been accepted into Drupal, it would be a while before the two project merge. And I am not sure this will happen before 4.5 or even 4.6.

In the meantime, there are bloggers who are already using Drupal 4.4.x and they are looking to migrate to D4B because it offers them a more complete blogging features. Migration from 4.4.x to D4B is not difficult if you know how to look at the diff files and create the neccessary tables. But for most bloggers, that’s out of question so this tool is really to help them.

My goal is pretty simple: I will continue to help anyone who wants to use Drupal as a blogging tool.

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