Integrated IT Platform to Make Trade Information Flows More Efficient

Another project, codename ‘InfoPort’, I did in IDA just went public today, announced by our minister Dr. Lee Boon Yang.

An integrated IT platform that manages the flow of trade-related information is set to make Singapore more competitive as a world class port and logistics hub. This platform will enable exchange of information between shippers, freight forwarders, carriers and financial institutions to facilitate the flow of goods within, through and out of Singapore. Revealing this today at the opening of the Infocomm Media Business Exchange 2004 was Dr Lee Boon Yang, Singapore’s Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts.

It is the first project I did when I join IDA early last year and I play a small role in the technical team in architecting the platform in Phase I (feasibility study). I have a lot of fun (aka “big fight”) arguing for a de-centralized architecture.

I believe we should keep as little as possible centralized and allowing the industries and third party to provide interesting and innovative services rather then pretending to know all the possible services people would do with the system from the beginning.

I am no longer involved in the project after Phase I but I am still proud how far this has come along and the little contributions I made to the project…

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