June 12th, 2004

MT to Drupal Migration Tool

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I just hack up an alternate method to migrate from MT to drupal. Download mt2drupal.tar.gz.

This is a perl script written as an MT-plugin, utilizing on MT libraries to export the data directly into Drupal database (limitation: only for MySQL for now). So unlike http://drupal.org/node/view/6141, you do not need to generate large intermediate php files and the migrated entries will not be stored as HTML.

The script can migrate from MT to Drupal 4.4.1, Drupal CVS and also Drupal 4 Bloggers. It will migrate:

a) all your bloggers
b) all your defined categories
c) all your entries including body, excerpt, extended (in 4.4.1 & CVS, it is stored as bodyextended and in D4B formatting rules are also preserved)
d) all your comments (with anonymous support, in CVS and D4B)
e) all incoming trackbacks (stored as comments)
f) all your outgoing trackbacks (D4B only)
g) all your trackbacks trackers (D4B only)

It will also keep your permalink by using URL aliases in Drupal. (enable path.module). You can also migrate MT into an existing Drupal installation. You can see the migrated site of this blog at http://james.seng.sg/dblog/ (Running D4B of cos :-)

Disclaimer: While I tried to test it as much as I can and that it works for me, I give no assurance it will work for you. So backup all your database before you attempt this.

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