Bill Gate on Blogging

Saw this incredible news yesterday! (via Joiito via Gen Kanai)

Gates described to his audience, which included Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Michael Dell, Carly Fiorina, Barry Diller and other top business executives, how blogs worked and suggested that they could be used as a tool for businesses to communicate with customers.

Who could advocate blogging better then Bill to Buffer, Bezos, Dell, Fiorina! I am speechless! According to the article, they have “more than 700 employee bloggers talking up its products and software in development, is embracing blogs and RSS technology because they are yet another potential threat and opportunity“. Well well…how true :-)

This reminded me of the conversation I have with Shin over dinner last night. Apparently, all the new estates in Korea now comes with average 50mbps Internet connection, with a switch on almost every floor! Apparently, teenagers are raging over blogging! No, not blogging like I do, but more of sharing of pictures, photos, video clips, etc. With a name and probably a birthday, you can find almost any Korean teenager blog or webpia. Hmm…

This reminded me of my previous entry where I discussed that ISPs should stop viewing users as “consumer” but producer of contents. So please provide a decent upload pipe!

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