APT-ITU Brunei

This is my second day in Brunei for the APT-ITU workshop. I am here to give two presentation, ENUM yesterday and IDN today. The experience so far has so-so but I am glad to catch up with so many friends and have many interesting conversations.

Particularly, yesterday APEET dinner/meeting was fun! After the quick and boring go through of the stuff to do for APEET, we settle down quickly to small know simple stuff like RFID (Oh Richard Shockey gave an very evil account what Neustar did to Verisign haha), MGCP (700K user in France!??), SIP/ENUM devices, VDSL (or rather, beyond VDSL in Korea), FTTH (Japan growth). Ya..just typical simple small talk you expect when a bunch of technies got together.

Hotta-san has kindly paid for the dinner and then we retreat for coffee (no beer in Brunei :P) where we do some Bush bashing. (Seem like a fav hobby for many these days…)

ps: Oh, I have a very interesting conversation with Bob Shaw (ITU) during lunch about how Internet Interconnection is a timebomb, when enough developing countries is using the Internet enough to feel the pitch of the tier-1 bullies…

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