May 10th, 2004



It is almost impossible to find a consumer broadband provider that gives you decent upload bandwidth wrt to the download bandwidth. Look around…all these offers of 512kbpx or 1.5mbps broadband access usually comes with 128kbps or even 64kbps upload!

“Why would consumers needs more then 128kbps upload bandwidth?” question comes from the perspective that consumers only consume information and have its origin from the “Consumers are Stupid” mentality of the typical ILEC. Such mentality is not only outdated but could potentially be fatal.Lets recap that telco business model is becoming horizontal and that the value ILEC brings to the new world is their ability to move raw bits over their pipes. It is a very tough business model but one incredible simple to understand: The more bits you move, the more money you make.

So you really want to move as much bits as possible and therefore, content, especially content that people want to be moved, become important. But where would these contents going to come from? Movies? Music? Games? Sure but you havent got it yet.

The data that is filling up the pipe (fiber) today is still Voice (if we dont count the unspeakable content on the P2P network). And on the Internet, this become the fundamentally person to person communication, be it Email, Voice, Picture or Video.

These “contents” are created and consumed by billions of “consumers” every second. It generate more traffic then the HDTV Lord of the Ring Movie-on-Demand you licensed from MPAA and far far cheaper.

And that brings us back to the original point: Why are you preventing your customers to create such content? Why make it difficult for someone to upload his digitalized photo albums to share with his friends? Or impossible for a son to send his mom the 150mb video clip of her grandson birthday party?

150mb? Yes, Bring it on!

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