Day 4 in Kuala Lumpur

It is a busy day packed with meetings from 8am to 11pm. With an early meeting with PIKOM followed by keynote panel (Dave Crocker and Suguru Yamaguchi) then Internet Exchange SIG before skipping lunch to attend APIA AGM.

After an hour break, I hop into VoIP session and then went off chair the the ENUM/SIP BoF (which is pretty well attended), then IPv6 Panel briefing (Oh, I met the CEO of Jaring, the first ISP in Malaysia) before getting to a long dinner with the Asia IPv6 Summit attendee. I sat with Prof Jun Murai during dinner and we have many interesting conversations on a wide ranging topic. I am still trying to digest our discussions but I would say it is very enlightening…

Too many things happened, too fast and too many beers… Let me sleep on it first…

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