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Asia Open Source Symposium

I drop by at the Asia Open Source Symposium at the Pan Pacific Hotel (which is a 10mins walk from my office) this morning. I mean, I have quite a few old friends are here at this closed door (hmm..) seminar like Shuichi Tashiro from Japan and Ho Jian Ming and Wu Guo Wei from Taiwan.

Spend a lot of time catching up and paying too little attention to the speakers. But still, it is fun to catch up with friends, especially those who are once bitter enemies. As the Chinese saying goes, “You never know someone until you fight them”.

It is also a pleasure to finally met Dr. Kenichi Handa the author for Multilingual Emacs (MULE). We have some discussion on MULE (or just Emacs now) regarding input methods and rendering for various languages. For example, Khmer in Unicode is “broken” in 3.2 which is “fixed” only in 4.0, or the difficulty of supporting various Indic scripts (locale rules not available).

Particularly, I hope I can convience him to support the Afghanistan languages like Phasto and Dari. I helped to started an UNDP project to support Phasto and Dari last year and we badly need Phasto and Dari support for Unixes.

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