ENUM Internet


There are many countries who have been experimenting with ENUM/SIP. At least I know the folks in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Sweden, Austria (etc etc) who are experimenting with ENUM/SIP.

I met up with Yoneya a couple of days ago in Japan. So after seeing some of the JPRS work on ENUM, I suggested we should hold a BoF (Birds of the Feathers) at APRICOT2004 on ENUM/SIP. I believe there is value for an information sharing among the AP regions on our ENUM/SIP activities and also discuss how we can collobrate on our trials.

So after sending some feelers to the APRICOT Advisory Council who reacts quite favourably to my proposal, today, I send out an email to invite folks from AP region to participate in the BoF.

If any of you are interesting, or know anyone else who might be interested in participating in the ENUM BoF, please contact me at jseng_at_pobox.org.sg or leave a note here.

(The BoF should be held on 24 or 25th Feb. I will update more once the room and time is confirmed)

Incidently, there is a call for papers for APRICOT. I know Gaurab is still looking for speakers for the VoIP session…

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