Day three in Japan

Wake up early in the morning, skipped breakfast so I can check my email and then rush to meet the ACT folk. Spend the next 5 hours on the road and finally reach Miyagizao Hotel in Zao (of course).

Miyagizao Hotel not surprising is an Hotel with Onsen (hotspring). But of course, I did the obvious thing in an onsen hotel…login to check emails and read blogrolls. I have abit of difficulty here since there is no broadband. The only Zao ISP listed in iPass is not responding so I have to call all the way to Sendai. And before I know it, I actually spend one hour online! (I looking forward to check my bill when I check out…)


Anyway, boring day, dinner then spend the whole evening writing my speech for Tuesday. But the above lighten my day. Now we know what Microsoft thinks of “innovate”, a word they used very often during their anti-trust days …

ps: I am running Windows XP, not Mac. It just look like a Mac that’s all.

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