Sino Relationship

Why United States is a Busybody

I was having an interesting discussion with a friend in China over a certain recent event.

He said “Chinese thinking: Why are you meddling with my business? You are deliberately provoking conflicts. I must push you back or I will look weak!”

This comes from a Chinese saying: 各人自扫门前雪,莫管他人瓦上霜 : Everyone swept the snow in front of their own door and not to worry about others. It may sound very selfish but it is very fundamental to the Chinese society harmony – You don’t poke your nose into other people’s business and likewise.

I replied “American thinking: With great power comes great responsibility.” 

Although the phrase comes from a comic book, it reflects deeply what it means to be an American and the sense of duty they have to the rest of the world. 

Back to the certain event, most people think it is like 1989 but I think the outcome would be similar to the 228 Incident instead. God help us.

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