Back in Singapore

Arrived back in Singapore late last night, with a soar throat and no voice. First thing back is a crying toddler at the Airport followed to a visit to the GP :-P

I went over to Shanghai for a couple of days but was so busy that I didn’t even have time to blog. But here are some quick notes about Shanghai.

1. Finding Starbuck in Shanghai is tough. On the first day, I spent 1 hour walking at the central park looking for Starbuck. When I found it, I realized they dont have wireless unlike Beijing :-P

2. There is a “rumor” that there would be tightening the rules of foreign investments into Chinese company by the end of year. But it is not a sign that China is rejected foreign investments; rather they still very much welcome it but they are concerned about overheat in property, stock market and a few other verticals.

3. Met with one of my former staff, Jiang Ming Liang. He is now a pretty big shot Shanghai and very well-connected. His latest startup is doing very well; featured in Forbes (China edition) in 2007 and would be likely to go IPO in 2009. Good luck!

4. Met with Isaac Mao finally :-) Very cool guy and need to hang out with him more. He would definitely be one of the reasons I want to go Shanghai soon.

5. Met one of the founder of, the market leader youtube clone in China. He is onto his next startup on casual games.

6. Met with PPLive founders. Spent an afternoon-dinner with the CEO, a young, smart, energetic engineer-cum-business guy. They would be the other reason I would want to go back Shanghai.

7. Attended 5G on Sat. 5G is an entrepreneur-VC group started by Ming-Liang :-) Small gathering but reminded me of those events I used to attend in Bay Area; or like E27/TDM events last year, except they have really quality people, startups and VC. It would definitely a place to hang out if you are looking for tech deals.

8. Learn a new phrase: “太子党”.

Despite losing my voice at the end of the trip, this has being an extremely productive trip for me. I come back with one box of namecards. And yes, I want to go back Shanghai again fairly soon (perhaps in a week or two).

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