The future of Touchscreen

Phones/PDA that comes with a touchscreen usually comes with a stylus. As such, the user interface for such touchscreen devices assume you always work with a stylus. It requires at least two hand to use which means you cannot use it while walking (usually carrying a bag) or driving.

There are devices that does not require a stylus but the user interface for them aren’t much better.

Perhaps because of the past experience with touchscreen PDA, I really don’t like touchscreen devices. This is why I stick to a non-touchscreen phone, because it forces the designer to not assume you will use it with a stylus and therefore, generally more user friendly.

So iPhones comes really as a breath of fresh air when it comes to touchscreen – it is simple and easy to use.

Now the really cool thing is the multi-touch capability which you can *zomg* zoom pictures but I dont think we have fully explore the capability of multi-touch. In the next few years, we will see more ways we will use the technology.

But what I think would be really interesting comes from a friend who complained that it is pretty dangerous to use the iPhone while driving.

I like to see a screen that can form curvature on the surface so you can “feel” the button on the display.

Now, that would be really cool and useful. Anyone knows such technology?

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