July 23rd, 2007

Thymos Capital LLP

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thymos.jpgSome of you might got my email over the weekend and some might have jumped the gun and blog about it (thanks). So I guess it is time that I blog about my latest venture, Thymos Capital LLP.

Thymos capital LLP is a business incubator focusing on Singapore interactive digital media startups. (that includes web 2.0). Our fund is a combination of private investors and public fundings.

Our target is to fund 100 seed-stage startups, S$50,000 each, over the next 3 years in Singapore.

S$50,000 may not a lot of money but it means a lot a young startup. More importantly, the value of Thymos Capital is not the S$50,000 but rather the mentoring and advises we can provide to the startups; Thymos Capital are made up of partners and advisers who have a track record of doing startups. As I told another startup yesterday, we may not be your executives but your cheerleaders and evangelists.

This is why I have been meeting with a lot of young entrepreneurs.

Now, some of you might remember me talking about why Singapore is not ready for web 2.0. Isn’t it contradictory?

In that blog entry, I lamented 3 issues – the first is access to funding for web 2.0 startups and that is precisely what Thymos Capital aims to solved. As for the mindset, thats why we don’t just come in with investment but take an active role advising and mentoring startups. As the for the last one regarding the lack of talents, that is unfortunately still true. Several folks have asked me to start a web 2.0 class for hackers. Worthy idea but I think I leave it to someone else to start one. (Let me know if you are doing that! I love to talk to you.)

Nevertheless, we are lucky to have found over 10 talented team of people who going to kick start Thymos Capital. I will mention them here later.

In the meantime, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur and think Thymos Capital can assist you, do drop me an email at james@seng.sg.

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