June 21st, 2007

New Media @ Art House


I spend the whole day at New Media @ Art House yesterday. Although the attendees are small (only ~100 people), they are definitely the mover and shaker of the media industry. More importantly, the discussion was a blast. There are too many things to summarize in one blog entry. But if you are keen, check out their blog covering the event. The bloggers has done a great job.

But I want to highlight Shekar Kapur said during the break out session: “to the online folks, copyright = right to copy”.

The executive from Sony jumped and start talking about the need to have stronger copyright for their 100M movie investment and an interesting debate started between them.

Between the two, I think Shekar got it right. That it is not about whether we should protect copyright or not, but rather the community values on copyright has changed. So instead of trying to fight the community and trend, perhaps it is time to find a new business model in a world assuming copyright does not exist (or at least unenforceable).

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