March 23rd, 2007



I attended Geekout, a pre-event for Nexus 2007.


Andreas and Nathan shared some of the interesting companies that they are watching, e.g. Twitter but what impressed me most are the local companies that was showcased.

1. Xid Technologies – a company specialized in face recognition that developed a technology to allow you to take 2D image and turn them into a 3D avatar and animate it and further allows you to superimpose that 3D avatar into a movie.

2. Muvee – a company that makes those cool movie-making software (muvee) that is embedded on Nokia/Sony/Samsung phones that is doing a p2p photo-sharing software with pretty amazing special effects.

3. Genometri – a company that has a technology that take a product design (in 3D) and generate multiple variations. Great technology but going through the technology chasm adoption problem.

4. Radixs – a mobile application company that develops Velvet Puffin, a web 2.0 applications so-said IM meets social networking. Fantastic idea that have a lot of potential and a lots of room for improvements.

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