Business Ideas

Business Ideas

Good business ideas are hard to come by. But more important then good ideas are timing and execution. Ideas without the right team of people with sufficient time and money will remains as-it, just an idea.

Over the years, I have developed many business ideas. I was flipping through my old notes and here are some:

1. A web-based Email system (pre-dating Hotmail)
2. A host-to-host finger & talk1 (pre-dating ICQ)
3. A graphical multi-user dungeon (MUD) (1999)
4. A IP-based PBX (1999)
5. Online game operator/publisher (2002)
etc etc

At the time I noted them down, I either dont have the right people, the money or the time to work on it. Then sometime later, someone think of the same thing, with the right team of people and bingo.

This happens so often and the latest was just a month ago when I saw an idea I was working on appears on slashdot, executed by another team (funded by VC).

So really, ideas are cheap. If I can think of it, somewhere out there someone else probably would have thought of it too. The question is who can bring it into reality faster.

Therefore, I decided to create a new category called Business Ideas. Instead of filing in my private document, I will blog it. Instead of letting these ideas remains as yet-another-idea-never-fulfill, I would be happier someone take them and do something about it.

So if you see any business ideas you like and want to make it yours, please go ahead. No need for permission nor do I ask for anything in return2. Just run and may you find success with it.

To kickstart, I shall have one business idea to share shortly.

1 Unix folks will remember “finger” and “talk”, the former for presence and the later for instant chat.

2 Of course, if you so kind to credit me or if you want to give me a share of your company, I wouldn’t reject them :-)

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