February 28th, 2007

Afterthoughts of APRICOT 2007

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I didnt stay for the whole APRICOT 2007 this time as I am needed back in Singapore. On the other hand, the most useful meetings I get out of APRICOT are the side meetings that is usually held just before APRICOT 2007.

Anyway, here are some notes from APRICOT 2007.

1. I was surprised to hear that Area Sensor Network was a very hot topic in APAN. Maybe I need to pay a little attention.

2. ASN are running out (just like IPv4 address). RIRs already trying to get people to migrate from the 16 bits to the 32 bits ASN. Luckily, the transition is going to be as complex as IPv4 to IPv6.

3. For some unknown reasons, a lot of developing country are falling over themselves to host Internet Governance Forum.

4. Oh yea, Marc Blanchet, my co-chair of the IDN Working Group at IETF started his blog. :-)

I have my own thoughts on these issues but perhaps another day.

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