Random Musing

Play to Win

I went to a neighbourhood secondary school – Anderson Secondary School. Now, it is one of the better neighbourhood school but it was a humble school back then. I often represented the school for competitions (mainly math and computer) and the teacher in charge often gave us this advise “Don’t worry about losing. It is the experience that counts.” – We never won anything.

A few years later, I entered Hwa Chong Junior College, one of the top JC. I still represent the school for competitions (math and computer again) and the teacher in charge often gave us this advise “Play to win. We must win.” – And we won, mostly.

“Of course! You won cos you are in one of the top JC with the smartest students!”. But I have great teammates in Anderson too, smart students who went on to the top schools in Singapore. I dont think we are any weaker in Anderson compared to Hwa Chong. Yet we lose in one and we won another.

I believe the difference is the attitude. If you think you going to lose, you already lose.

So play to win. And only play if you will win. Dont waste your time otherwise.

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