Indonesia BWA Spectrum

Two days ago, the Indonesian regulator issued an interesting whitepaper: Penataan Spektrum Frekuensi Radio Layanan Akses Pita Lebar Berbasis Nirkabel (Broadband Wireless Access/BWA). You can download the PDF here but it is all in Bahasa Indonesia.

The whitepaper clarify a lot of confusion over the spectrum plan in Indonesia (from 1.5Ghz to 10.5Ghz) as well as the next step for different blocks as well as the timeline. More important, it also describe the procedure for the pending 2.3Ghz allocation in Feb 2007 (See Section 5, Seleksi Pita Frekuensi BWA 2.3 GHz). Particularly of interest is this paragraph

Kriteria penyelenggara yang diperbolehkan mengikuti seleksi, dibagi atas 3 (tiga) kategori, yaitu KATEGORI A, KATEGORI B dan KATEGORI C,

Kategori A, penyelenggara jaringan telekomunikasi yang memiliki
infrastruktur telekomunikasi serta telah memiliki penomoran pelanggan dan fasilitas interkoneksi, yaitu …

Salah satu prasyarat utama untuk pemenang lelang pada kategori A adalah dikenakan kewajiban untuk memberikan fasilitas esensial jaringan seperti tower maupun fasilitas esensial lainnya kepada pemenang seleksi kategori B dan kategori C.

I am not well versed in Bahasa Indonesia but basically this is what it says. 2.3Ghz will be allocate in 3 category. Category A is basically refers to the incumbent operators. (Category B is other existing licensee and Category are new entrants). And get this, the winner of Category A (ie incumbent) is mandated to share towers, facilities etc with Category B and C winners!

Not only it even out the allocation so that it is not dominated by the incumbent, it basically comes with infrastructure sharing :-)

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