November 4th, 2006

Gmail Mobile App


I am a fan of Gmail as well as the Gmail mobile. I use it extensively to check my mails on my mobile phone. The mobile web portal Gmail has is clean and fast and I like it alot. I also use the POP feature of Gmail to retrieve the email onto my mobile phone Messaging. While not fantastic, it is okay for an offline system.


But nothing beats what I found yesterday, a Gmail mobile application by Google. Just point your mobile web browswer to and it will auto-detect your phone and ask you to install the relevant application onto the phone as below.


And it is really really cool! It has all the shortkeys you expect. Press “8” twice to mark the email as spam, “9” to archive it, “4” to reply, “5” to reply all and “1” to search etc. But I have a 3 wish lists

1. The application is not tolerant to unstable mobile connections, which is pretty common until the mobile data quality is improved.

2. All editing are done in the native edit pad provided by Symbian on a horrible black on blue interface. I am sure they can do better

3. Please please do it for Google Calendar soon!

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