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Bulgarian Foreign Minister starts his blog

Veni just send me an email to inform me that Bulgarian Foreign Minister starts his blog, meets Paul Twomey and Joichi Ito, and uses CreativeCommons!

Minister Kalfin started his own blog, to be found at www.kalfin.eu, where he will be discussion issues about Bulgarian foreign policy, EU membership, etc. The blog is based on open source software – WordPress, and is the first such an initiative by a Bulgarian minister. Mr. Kalfin invited Joichi Ito to become an author at his blog – an invitation that was accepted by the famous Japanese IT-investor and blogger.

I didnt know Joi was in Bulgaria. I think I just went to a raid (in warcraft) with him a couple of days ago. Anyway, it is cool!

Then again, Singapore Foreign Minister, George Yeo also blog at BeyondSG. In fact, Singapore win with a Podcast :-)

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