Shanghai Shanghai

This isn’t the first time I was in Shanghai. Yet, Shanghai is a new city to me every trip. The more I come, the less I seem to know about the city.

Shanghai development is still going fast. You can still see a lot of buildings being built. The streets are packed and people are rushing from one point to another constantly, just like any other cosmopolitian city. But friends told me behind this exciting front, the development is saturated and people can feel the the growth rate is slowing down as compared to the last few years.

I also had several meetings that sadly I cant blog about yet. But suffice to say, it was an eye opener for me. I can really sense that the young people are in charge! I feel old! :-P

xiaolu.gifI suppose I can share this anecdote: I had two dinner last night (man I am still stuff!). Met some really interesting young people in Shanghai over dinner. The pretty young lady sat beside me was really surprised when I asked her name. I suppose when you are 李小路 (picture), you don’t go unrecognized here. Gosh I was embrassed. :P (btw, I learnt that she started acting when she was three…)

I am back in Beijing for a lunch appointment and will be flying back to Singapore tonight.

Overall, this was a very useful trip for me. I should do this more often.

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