Xiamen Shanghai

Got into Xiamen at 1am in the morning, catch some sleep before going for my 9am meeting. Before I went to Xiamen (my first trip btw), a friend told me Xiamen is one of the best city in China.

It is not as well developed as Shanghai or Beijing and it is a much smaller city (about 1M people). But the roads are not jam, people are more friendly and relax. Above all, yep, it is beautiful little island, very nice beach and a great weather. It is the “Hawaii of China”.

I wish I have more time to explore Xiamen (perhaps next trip) but I have to catch a 4pm flight to Shanghai for a dinner appointment with a friend. I know he reads my blog (hi! :-) and I am not certain if he minds me mentioning his name here. Anyway, he was one of the most influential banker in Indonesia before 1997 (financial crisis) but now retired in Shanghai (but still invest in Shanghai properties). And gosh, he is really funny and I really enjoyed hanging out with him :-)

After a long day, I managed to wiggle my way back to Pudong and now settled down in Andy’s apartment for the night. Thank god he has proper wireless here…but I probably should get some sleep. Another long day tomorrow.

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