September 27th, 2006

Old Shoes New Shoes


old-shoe-polo.JPG  new-shoe-hushpuppy.JPG

On the left is my old shoes. I brought them when I first left school many years ago. It brought me to US, and I wore them to see my first VC, and the same shoes I wore at the lunch when the deal was signed in Singapore. I wore them through out the little startup, going through every airports, every hotels and I wore them when I hand in my resignation. I went to the interview with IDA with them and I continue to wear them everyday in IDA, till the very last day.

This is the shoes that brought me to the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, Eifiel Tower in Paris, the Fuji mountains in Japan and the beautiful JiuJiaGuo. Its also the shoe I wore during my wedding and the same shoes I wore when I first become dad.

It is comfortable and it has bought me to many places and see me through many part of my life. My wife nagged non-stop about the silly old shoes. I never give it up, saying it is still fine.

But alas, it is not fine. It is old, it has white scratches all over and it is hardly presentable anymore. Old time IBMers would faint at the sight of my shoes. I have meetings with folks who raise their eyebrow at the sight of my shoes but too polite to tell me otherwise.

So I got a new pairs of shoes (right). New and shiny replacing the old and ragged one.

I know it is silly to rant on an old shoes but I love my old shoes. And I already missed it :-(

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