September 5th, 2006

VoIP in Namibia


Was listening to Ferdinand Tjombe talking about VoIP in Namibia.

VoIP-Namibia-01.jpg  VoIP-Namibia-02.jpg

Recently (12th May), five Chinese nationals was arrested in Namibia for using “VoIP technology”. The process was driven by incumbent operator. The interesting part is that the Chinese nationals was not given bail (when murderers and rapists does!).

The telecommunication legislation in Nambia was clear on VoIP issues actually. Shortly after this, a company tried to apply for a VoIP license and was asked to wait by the regulator for the enactment of the new Communications Bill.

A side story was that the Chineses was also found to be stealing electricity but was not charge. So the moral of the story, you can steal electricity o even rape and kill but dont do VoIP :-)

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