July 18th, 2006

3 sleepless nights and an apology


Three sleepless nights and finally, we are done!

But damn, NDA so not nothing to say right here except it is a very big project! About 34,000 sqkm big involving over 100M USD. Just glad it is over and I am now at the airport heading home! Wohoo!

I am also very sorry that I missed AP*Retreat meeting yesterday. Zita and myself both unable to turn up (what a nice pair of co-chairs haha) but luckily, Prof. Goto step in to help us. Thanks! I also missed the trip to the Waseda High School with Prof. Goto today…sorry.

Incidently, I just read the most amazing story about a man who traded & barter a red paper clip to a house (via VentureBlog)

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