May 14th, 2006

JW Marriott – Jakarta


marriott-jarkata.JPGJust checked into JW Marriott Jakarta. Yep, the hotel that was bombed in 2003. It has since being renovated and it is a very nice hotel. Security are tied, cars are searched by 5 security personal, metal detectors at doors, and bags are checked before I step into the main door. I was stopped by the security when i was trying to take a picture of the beautiful entrance so all got is this picture of the keycard ^_^

This is another exploratory trip for me. First time in Jakarta, second time in Indonesia. Before I come over, I expected Jarkata to be a typical developing country like Vietnam or Cambodia. Downtown Jarkata took me totally by surprise, very clean, very neat, and very developed. Hotels (and I am talking about five/six star hotels like Four Seasons, Grand Hyatt, etc), Shopping malls, Starbucks, Coffee beans, Carrefour, you name it, you find it here. In fact, I dont see it very much different from Orchard Road.

Totally surprised and I already love the place.

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